Meet the governors

Mrs M Davies Chair of governors
Community governor
Mrs K Fox Vice chair of governorsCommunity governor
Mr. W Hopkin LEA governor
Cllr D Cawsey Community governor
Cllr G Llewellyn Community governor
Cllr G Llewellyn Community governor
Mr. Lewis Wheeler Parent governor
Parent governor
Mrs C.Jones Headteacher
Mrs K Mear Teacher representative governor
Mrs G Fahey Non teacher representative governor

The Chairperson of the Governing Body is Mrs M Davies.   Mrs Davies can be contacted via the School (Tel: 01639  700228).

The Clerk to the Governing Body: Mrs M. Winter

Schools and Family Support Team Neath Port Talbot Civic Centre, Port Talbot, SA13 1PJ 01639 763600

Our contact person at the Local Education Authority (L.E.A.) is Mrs.Kathryn Gilbert who has attended our meetings, and has given guidance and advice to the Governing Body. She canbe contacted by telephone on (01639) 76443.