Dosbarth 4

Dosbarth 4


Summer  Holidays Timetables Practise 












Hello Class 4.  I hope you are all well.  As we will not be in school for a few days I have attached some activities below to keep you busy until we return to school.  As before please upload any work to Hwb as I will be checking daily and will give you feedback.  I am available to speak to you via email at



  1.  You can choose to practise your times tables. t2-m-4408-times-table-and-division-challenge-activity-sheet-_ver_4
  2. Or choose a times table triangle activity t2-m-17513-year-4-multiplication-triangles-6-7-and-9-times-tables-activity-sheets-_ver_1
  3. We recently have been revising how to multiply and divide by 10, so you could try some of these problems: t2-m-2441-multiplying-by-10-and-100-activity-sheet-
  4. Or Year 4’s you could try some multiplication.  Multiplying a 3 digit number by a 1 digit number.  We only just started this so have a go if you feel confident to try it! cfe2-m-112-multiplying-23-digit-numbers-by-1-digit-numbers-differentiated-activity-sheets_ver_1



Have a look at some of these activities.  They are all linked to our topic the Butterfly Lion.  I hope you find them interesting!






Have a look at the video clip on this webpage.   It is all about Surfing in different weathers.  There is also a game you can play to match the correct weathers.  Let me know how you get on!


Health and Wellbeing

Try and stay as active as you can.  If you have a garden use it when it is dry.  I have attached a PowerPoint to practise yoga and a YouTube clip for a Dance workout.  However, there are many fitness video’s online so ask an adult to help you find a suitable one.



If you do not have a printer and you’re finding it tricky to access Hwb please keep practising your times tables and see what else you can find out about WWI.

Additional work

To keep you going up until half term I have attached some Maths and English workbooks for you to have a go at!  Please have a look and select the correct booklet for you.

Year 2 Summer English Activity Booklet

Year 2 Summer Maths Activities

Year 3 Summer English Activity Booklet

Year 3 Summer Booklet – Questions

Year 4 Summer English Activity Booklet

Year 4 Summer Themed Maths Booklet – Questions



This half term our mini topic is ‘Guster’s Travels’.  We are going to take our little dragon friend to visit different places around the world.

Teams Meetings will be daily at 9:10 and 2:30pm. If you cannot access them through Outlook (email), you can go to Office 365 on Hwb and click on calendar and you can join from there.  Or you can download the Teams app and log in with your Hwb email address.


Remember my email address is: should you need to ask me anything or require additional work.


See the source image


It’s Friday 12th March 2021 


Last Teams meeting at 9:10am.  There will be NO 2:30 meeting today.

Please join the last Teams meeting for a quiz and a bit of virtual fun before school starts again next week.

Today is a finishing off day.  Please catch up on any work you have not completed.  If you have completed everything then enjoy something creative.  Make something, create a picture, read a book and get some fresh air and exercise if you can.

Well done to all of you for your home school efforts. It has been lovely to see all the work on Hwb and the work that has been brought into school.


I look forward to seeing you on Monday at 8:40am, smiling and ready to learn.













Thursday thoughts – Quotes and images to Inspire the End of Your Week – The State


Thursday 11th March 2021

Teams meetings at 9:10 am and 2:30pm


Sentence Doctor

Can you use ” inverted commas” or ”speech marks” correctly?  Add them into the sentences where you think they should go.

  1. Francesca asked her mum, when is the bus going to arrive?
  2. Can I have a chocolate ice cream? asked Erin.
  3. What a lovely sunny day! said Lexi.
  4. That’s 4-1 to us! shouted Jackson.


Main Literacy Task

Please have a go at one more of these practise grammar and punctuation papers.

Year 3 English Grammar and Punctuation Test 4

Year 4 English Grammar and Punctuation Test 4



Have a go at two more pages of the Maths revision booklet.

Revision Booklet maths

Maths Support


For the rest of the day...

British Science Week 2021 – 123ICT LTD


As it’s British Science week I would like you to create a fact file or PowerPoint about famous Scientists and their inventions.  Try to include at least 4 Scientists/Inventors in your fact file or presentation.  Make sure you explain what they invented.  To get you started you may like to look at these fact cards and posters.










Wednesday 10th March 2021

Teams meetings at 9:10am and 2:30pm.

Sentence Doctor- Please use the correct two, to, or too.

  1. Jack took the dog two the vets.
  2. Sid wanted to go too the shops.
  3. Dave thought he would make pizza to.
  4. Sarah couldn’t believe that she had been asked too sing in the choir.
  5. Beth had just turned to years old.
  6. ‘Can I come two,’ said Sharon.
  7. There were only too drinks left in the fridge.


Main Literacy Task

Please practise another grammar and punctuation paper.

Year 3 English Grammar and Punctuation Test 3

Year 4 English Grammar and Punctuation Test 3



Please have a go at another two sheets from the revision booklet below.  If you find the revision booklet a bit tricky, you can try some of the Maths support activities instead.

Revision Booklet maths

Maths Support


For the rest of the day…

As the forecast is for lots of rain over the next two days, please have a go at making a rain catcher!  There are two clips below to watch, which use different materials to make the rain catcher.



Then have a go at drawing a diagram of how the water cycle works.  The diagram should show clearly how the water cycle works using pictures and words. To help you get started watch this clip:






Tuesday 9th March 2021

Sentence Doctor

 Can you fix the sentences?

  1. Jamie through the ball to Justin.
  2. Tim completed his maths somes on time.
  3. Jane was teaching her sun to read.
  4. Beth wanted too go two the park as well.
  5. Mr Parker road carefully down the hill on his bike.


Main Literacy Task

I have attached another practise grammar and punctuation paper for you to have a go at. Y4’s -you are welcome to try the year 3 paper if you feel the year 4 paper is too tricky.  We will be going over any difficulties at school when we return.  Please make sure you upload or hand your work into school. I would like to see your answers.

Year 3 English Grammar and Punctuation Test 2

Year 4 English Grammar and Punctuation Test 2



I have attached a Revision booklet to have a go at over the rest of the week.  Year 3’s-make sure you try at least 1 page a day.  Year 4’s- try at least 2 pages a day.

Revision Booklet maths

If you find some of the above too tricky please try one or more of the sheets from this booklet.

Maths Support


For the rest of the day…

  1. Go on a bug hunt.  Find an insect (or bug).  Watch it closely.  What features does it have that help it survive?  Remember not to harm the insect and return it as quickly as possible to where you found it.  Then either make a poster about the bug/insect or make a model of it and label its main features.  You could make your model out of card, Lego or playdough.  Just be creative!
  2. Try out another activity from the British Science Week booklet (attached yesterday). Optional

PE-Go for a long walk or short run.  Alternatively, have a go at Joe Wickes PE.










Beating The Monday Blues…


Monday 8th March 2021

Teams meetings at 9:10am and 2:30pm

We are going to leave Guster to get on with his travels for the moment and see where he is when we are all back in school.

This week it is British Science Week so we will be taking part in something Science based on most days. We will continue to practise key skills in both Literacy and maths.

Sentence Doctor

Please give these sentences different beginnings/openers.

  1. The man danced around the room because his team had just scored.
  2. It was 11am and her friend had still not arrived.
  3. A lady knocked on the door selling flowers.
  4. The cave was huge and as dark as the night.


Main Literacy Task

During this week I am going to give you some practise papers on grammar and punctuation.  Try and have a go at them on your own first before asking for help from an adult either at home or school.  Please do not worry if you don’t understand anything as these are the things we will go over at school when we return.

Year 3 English Grammar and Punctuation Test 1

Year 4 English Grammar and Punctuation Test 1



I would like all of you to have a go at adding 10 more than.  Then I have attached 2 games for you to try, which practise the skills of adding and subtracting 9 and 11.





For the rest of the day…

I have attached the British Science Week booklet.  I will be guiding you towards specific activities during the week but please feel free to try any of the activities.  Today I would like you to have a go at page 26-Build your own gut microbiome.  The instructions and most of the resources are in the booklet.


Alternatively, you can create a poster about ‘bacteria‘.  How many different types are there?  What bacteria are good and which are bad?  What else can you find out about bacteria?  Use pictures and words to present what you find out.



Feel Good Friday: Dad Humour |

Friday 5th March

Teams meeting at 9:10am and 2:30pm.

Project Day

Flag of Australia - Wikipedia


As this is Guster’s last day in Australia, I have set you a project for the day.  He would like to visit the Great Barrier reef before he leaves.

Spend the day putting together a presentation on the Great Barrier reef.  To get a taste of what it is like watch the clip below.

Your presentation must include information answering these questions:

  1. Where is the Great Barrier Reef?
  2. How can people get to the Great Barrier Reef?

Great Barrier Reef Tour | Scuba Dive & Snorkel Tour | 3 Reef Sites

3. Above is a picture of someone scuba diving at the Great Barrier reef.  Can you find out how much it would cost to buy a ticket to take a boat trip to the Great Barrier reef?  Of course, this is for Guster and he is already in Australia.  If you want a challenge, can you find out how much it would cost if you and your family joined him for the boat trip?

4. What animals live in and around the reef?  Are there any unusual creatures that you had not heard of before?  Can you find out an interesting/fun fact about them?

5. Why is the reef in danger?  What can we do to help the reef keep growing and stay healthy?


You can present the information in any way you like.  It can be a video, an audio, a PowerPoint, a poster or a booklet.  Or a combination of two.  However you present it, make it colourful and stand out.  Make sure you include all the information above and any extra things you find out.

I look forward to seeing your presentations.










1,060 Happy Thursday Photos - Free & Royalty-Free Stock Photos from Dreamstime

Thursday 4th March


It’s World Book Day!  Make sure you challenge yourself to read as many books or chapters as possible today.  We will discuss and share favourite books at the 2:30pm meeting.

Teams meeting at at 9:10am and 2:30pm.

Sentence Doctor– Please continue with any of the ‘Fix the sentence‘ sheets that you have not completed.

Fix the sentences


Main Literacy Task

Homophones are words that sound the same or similar but are used in different ways or have different meanings.

Look at the attachments below.  Can you use the correct spelling to fit the sentence?  Please try at least one of the sheets, but you are welcome to have a go at three if you want extra stars!






Have a go at some of these Place Value tasks.

T2-M-312-Hundreds-Tens-and-Ones-Number-Partitioning-Worksheet 1



For the rest of the day…

  1. Take this afternoon to begin or finish your aboriginal paintings or drawings.

Then you can have a go at one of these art activities.













Wednesday - Meaning of the Name - Wednesday Superstitions


Wednesday 3rd March 2021

Teams meetings at 9am and 2:30pm.

Sentence Doctor

  Have a go at fixing some more of these sentences.  Have a go at a different page!

Fix the sentences


Main Literacy Task

Have a look at the attached sheet showing Aboriginal pictures or symbols used to tell stories.  Can you use pictures or symbols to tell a short Australian story?

Think about all the Australian animals you have learned about and take them on a mini adventure.  Just use pictures or symbols from the sheet and some of your own to tell the story.  You can also use a few words if you like.


Please ignore the lesson plan attached, just look at the symbols sheet.



Today we are going to be ordering numbers. We will be thinking about which is the greatest or largest number and the smallest and working on place value.

There are the four sheets to choose from.  Please try at least one of them.  Maybe 2 sheets for an extra star!





For the rest of the day…

  1. Finish your painting or picture of an Australian animal from yesterday.
  2. Choose another piece of Aboriginal art to copy or come up with your own painting in the style of Aboriginal art.

Aboriginal Art Lessons


10 Facts About Aboriginal Art | Kate Owen Gallery

ABORIGINAL ART on Pinterest | Dot Painting, Aboriginal Painting ... | Aboriginal painting, Aboriginal art, Aboriginal dot painting


Group 10 – Tuesday 19th May | Pinewood School – Welcome to Our Blog

Tuesday 2nd March 2021


Sentence Doctor

  Have a go at one of the fix the sentences sheets.

Fix the sentences


Main Literacy Task

Guster has travelled back to Australia for the rest of the week.  Read through the PowerPoint about Uluru (Ayres Rock) in the Northern Territory.

Year 3- Write about Uluru.  Choose 10 facts and write them in clear sentences focussing on spelling and punctuation.

Year 4-Write about Uluru.  Write at least 4 paragraphs under different headings.  For example you could use these as your four different headings and write factual sentences under each heading:  Location, Size, Animals and Climbing.




Have a go at these fun emoji codebreaking calculations.

Most of you should be able to have a go at one of these sheets.


Or if you find these a bit tricky you could have a go at one of these sheets.



For the rest of the day…

Have a look at the Australian Aboriginal art below.  If you look at the paintings closely you can see how they paint dots to create the patterns and animals.  Choose one of the paintings to recreate.  If ou have paints you can use them.  Cotton buds can work well to make the dots!  If not, be creative and use colouring pencils or felt tips.

Australian Dot Art (4th) | Aboriginal dot art, Aboriginal dot painting, Aboriginal art for kids


Aboriginal Art - MORRIS' ART ROOM

Aboriginal Animals | Aboriginal art, Classroom art projects, Art lessons


If you have time look through the PowerPoint below to find out about the history of Aboriginal art in Australia.












Monday 1st March 2021 

St David’s Day  Dewi Sant

Word Doctor Cymraeg


 Please put these days of the week in the correct order starting with Sunday.

Dydd Gwener, Dydd Llun, Dydd Mercher, Dydd Iau, Dydd Sadwrn, Dydd Sul, Dydd Mawrth


Main Literacy Task

Have a read through the PowerPoint about the Welsh National Anthem

Learn to Sing the Welsh National Anthem PowerPoint

Also watch the clip below:


For your task today I would like you to learn the Welsh National Anthem and then copy it out in your best handwriting.  It is a handwriting task so it cannot be typed today.  Please copy it out in joined up handwriting if you can.



Today I would like you to try some of these challenge St David’s Day Bake Off activities.  Challenge 2 cards are slightly harder.

Challenge cards 1



Challenge cards 2

St Davids Day bake off challenge cards


For the rest of the day…

Choose a traditional Welsh recipe/food that you are going to make.  Write down the list of ingredients you will need and the recipe.  Have a go at making it, taking photo’s or making a short video.  If you cannot get the ingredients today, don’t worry.  Make a list of what you need and you can make it another day.

I have attached some recipe cards but feel free to find your own recipe.


Then have a go at these Rugby skills:





Friday 26th February 2021

Spelling Doctor

Make up some fantastic sentences using these year 3/4 words.  You can use more than one word in a sentence.

Year 3

  1. said
  2. says
  3. school
  4. so
  5. some
  6. she

Year 4

  1. sentence
  2. separate
  3. should
  4. special
  5. steak
  6. straight


Main Literacy task

Your main task for today is to complete your draft of your persuasive advert and then either write it up neatly as a poster or record it as a video or audio.  Please upload all work, especially recordings to Hwb.

If you were completing the hotel task instead please ensure this is finished.


If you have already finished the above you can have a go at one of these spelling tasks.



or if they look too tricky you can have a go at this spelling activity instead.


Support spelling



Today I would like you to practise timetables.  There are three options.  Choose one of them that is most suited to you but also challenges you!

Some year 3’s might choose the 3 timetables below:

3 timetables

Some of the year 3’s and all the year 4’s will be able to try out this timetable challenge.

Ultimate timetables challenge


A few of you might like to try this super timetables challenge.

Super ultimate timetables


For the rest of the day…


  1. Finish your work about popular Australian meals/foods.
  2. Can you come up with a backing track for your advert for Australia?  What music do you think would go with the words/language that you have used?  If you have recorded your advert already, try recording it again with the music in the background.  If you made a poster, just find a track you would use and upload it to Hwb.    Have a look at the advert for Wales below.  Really listen to the words and music.  Using powerful language as well as powerful music can help persuade people even more.


3. Joe Wicks PE










Thursday 25th February 2021

Spelling Doctor

Make up some fantastic sentences using these year 3/4 words.

  1. quarter
  2. question
  3. recent
  4. reign
  5. remember


Main Literacy Task

I would like you to write a persuasive advert for a holiday in Australia.  This will just be your practise today, your draft.  Tomorrow, you can either record it as a video/audio or write it up as a poster with illustrations.

It must include a title, a picture and lots of persuasive language.

Remember to include rhetorical questions.  These are questions that don’t need an answer and make something sound amazing.  For example: Have you ever been to a luxurious tropical climate, where the palm trees sway gently and the colourful birds sing sweetly above?

Use imperative (bossy) verbs.  You must come to this island paradise.  Dive into the deep, tranquil sea.  Come to this relaxing haven.

Repetition-make sure you repeat what the main points are.  When you are in Amazing Australia…  In Amazing Australia… Relax and unwind in Amazing Australia.

Make it sound like the best idea ever!  Include words and phrases such as, wonderful, out of this world, awesome, excellent, beautiful, dazzling.

You should aim to write as much as you can to really persuade someone to go on holiday there.


If the above task looks a little tricky you can always choose this activity below as an alternative.

Support Literacy Task-Please design a hotel in Australia.  Draw a picture of it and label the different areas such as a restaurant, swimming pool, bedrooms, entrance, garden…



Today we are going to continue with some measuring tasks.

Year 3

Measure and compare year 3


Year 4

Measuring cm and mm year 4


You can then practise your timetables with this game.


For the rest of the day…

Please research popular Australian foods and meals.  You can present you findings in any way you want.  For example, you could draw some Australian foods and label them.  You could make a leaflet or mini booklet or produce a PowerPoint.









Wednesday 24th February 2021

Teams meetings at 9:10 and 14:30.

Spelling Doctor!

Please correct the spellings that are highlighted in the sentences.

  1. The lady was wearing a pritty dress.
  2. Daniel poot the shopping bag on the table.
  3. You need to pul the door to open it.
  4. The perpus of this writing is learning how to persuade people.
  5. To get through the gate you must posh it.
  6. I promis it is your turn next!


Main Literacy Task

Have a look at these persuasive reading papers.  You have some text to read and then some questions to answers.  How is the author being persuasive?

Year 3-you should be able to have a go at the 1 star sheet and most of the year 4’s should have a go at the 3 star sheet.



Year 3-If the above looks a little tricky then you may like to have a go at these reading comprehensions instead.

Reading comprehension support Wednesday



Today we are going to try some measuring.  I have attached a printable 30cm ruler if you should need it.  Otherwise please use your own ruler.

Ruler cm and mm

Year 3’s-it will need to show cm.  Year 4s-it will need to show mm.

Remember mm are the small lines in between each cm.  There are 10mm to each cm.

Year 3: You are to have a go at the following activity measuring to the nearest cm and half cm (0.5).

Year 3 measuring length

Year 4:  You are to have a go at the following activity measuring to the nearest mm.

Year 4 mm measuring


For the rest of the day…

  1. Draw and colour the Australian flag. 
  2. Choose an Australian animal.  Click on the link below to look at the photo’s or find a photo of your own.  Make an observational drawing, concentrating on its shape and colour.  Include any detail in your drawing.


Australian animals









Tuesday 23rd February 2021

Teams Meetings

As of Wednesday morning our check in teams meetings will be at 9:10am instead of 9am.  The round up of the day will remain at 2:30pm.

Sentence Doctor 

Please make these sentences more interesting by adding adjectives and adverbs.

  1. The lamb walked down the hill.
  2. A mouse talked to the cat and they decided to go to the park.
  3. Under the stairs there lived a monster.
  4. Later that day the girl finally ate her pizza.
  5. Earlier that morning he had packed his bag ready for adventure.


Main Literacy Task

Please have a look at this PowerPoint at being persuasive.

Writing to Persuade – Presentation

Then have a go at the following activity.  I have also attached a sheet to help you understand the different features of persuasive writing.

Writing to Persuade – WAGOLL Space Paste

Writing to Persuade – Word Mat

If you find the above too tricky then please have a go at one of these reading comprehensions.

Reading Comprehension support



Today we are going to look at using the greater or less than signs.  I have attached these crocodile posters to help you remember which one is which!


Then choose from one of the attached sheets.  The 1 star sheet is simpler with the three starred sheet being the most challenging.


If you find these too tricky you can have a go at one of the sheets attached below.

t-n-2544732-greater-than-and-less-than-activity-sheets support


For the rest of the day…

Look through his PowerPoint about Australia’s states and cities.


Then have a go at one of the attached sheets.  I have also attached a map of Australia to help you, but you are welcome to find one of your own.



PE with Joe Wicks





Monday 22nd February 2021

Sentence Doctor 

Fix the sentences below.

below the brij lived a devious trol.

under the see their lived a wiggly jelyfish

above the mountain floo some large wite geese


Main Literacy Task

Please write about your half term.  Try to make your writing as long and detailed as possible.

Year 3-Make sure you are using capital letters and full stops.  Ensure you use some adjectives to add description.

Year 4-Please use different sentence openers. Try to include lots of description.  Ensure your sentences include conjunctions such as and, but, because, also, so,  although…



Today I would like you to revise column addition and subtraction.  For the year 3’s there is no carrying or exchanging.  For the year 4’s you will need to practise carrying and exchanging.  Of course you can always challenge yourselves or try a simpler task first.

Year 3

Year 3 addition

year 3 subtraction

Year 4

Year 4 addition

Year 4 subtraction

If you find the above a bit tricky please choose one of the sheets from the attachment below.

Number Bond practise


For the rest of the day...

We are going to send Guster to Australia first.  If you were going on an adventure around the world, what would you pack and why.

Choose one of the attached sheets to have a go at.  Year 3’s should be trying the 1 star or 2 star sheet.  Year 4’s should be trying the 2 star or 3 star sheet.

Explorers backpack


As Guster is visiting Australia first please find out the answers to these questions:

  1. What is the best way to travel to Australia and how long would it take?
  2. What is the capital city of Australia.
  3. How many people live in Australia? (population)
  4. How big is Australia?
  5. What language is spoken in Australia?



















Friday 12th February


Teams meeting at 9am.  Please attend promptly with a piece of paper and pencil or pen ready to play a game of BINGO!  Guided reading group to remain on from 9:10-9:20 approximately.

Teams meeting at 2:30pm.  Please attend as we will be rounding up this half term and awarding claps and applause to all those children who have been working hard this week.  We may also have time to share/show work and for another game.

Today is finishing off day.  Therefore I will not be setting any work but allowing you time to catch up with any work you have not completed or finish off your dragon stories or presentations about Wales.






















Thursday 11th February 2021

Sentence Doctor

Try and write at least 5 sentences using alliteration.  Alliteration is when lots of words that start with the same letter sound are used.  For example:

  1. Dan’s dog dove deep in the dam, drinking dirty water as he dove.
  2. Fred’s friends fried Fritos for Friday’s food.
  3. Greedy goats gobbled up gooseberries, getting good at grabbing the goodies.
  4. Hannah’s home has heat now, hopefully.
  5. Kim’s kid kept kicking like crazy.
  6. Larry’s lizard likes lounging in the sun.
  7. Mike made mellow music with his new microphone.


Main Literacy Task

Today you can finish your stories.  Think about how the problem in the story can be resolved?  What has happened to the characters?  What have they learned from the experience?  Has anything changed for them?  How do they feel?

How can you bring the story to a close?  Do you want a happy ending or a cliff hanger?

Remember to keep your writing descriptive, using lots of the language skills we have been practising.



Today there is more symmetry work.  Have a go at two of the attached sheets.

Geometry symmetry

If you find the above sheets a bit tricky you can always try this first.

Reflection symmetry


For the rest of the day…

  1. Carry on with your presentations about Wales.
  2. Challenge-Can you collect data on angles?  I would like you to look around your home and count how many objects you can find that have right angles,  angles that are greater than right angles (obtuse) and angles that are smaller than right angles (acute).  You are to collect the data in a tally chart and then record it in a bar chart.





Wednesday 10th February 2021

Sentence Doctor 

Extend these sentences with conjunctions: and, because, also, although, so, then…

A dark cloud came across the sky…

Later that day I managed to finish my homework…

My mum went to the shops…

My neighbour’s dog barked at the cat…


Main Literacy Task

Please continue with your stories.  First read the beginning of your story.  Edit and correct anything you think you can improve on.  Are your spellings correct?  Have you used the correct punctuation?  Could you add any more description?  Do you have varied sentence openers?

Next you are going to write the middle part of your story-the main part!  This is the build up and problem or dilemma.  Again, just write and don’t worry about making mistakes.  Use as much description as you can.  Also, remember to include dialogue or speech between the different characters.

Write as much as you can for this part of the story.  Remember, it should be longer than the beginning and should include a lot of action!


For the next couple of days we are going to look at symmetry in shapes and the world around us.  I would like you to look at the PowerPoint and have a go at two of the attached activities.


Symmetry 1

Investigating lines of symmetry 2

t2-t-297-super-symmetry-activity-sheet 3


For the rest of the day…

  1. Continue with your presentations on Wales.
  2. Click on the link below to practise days of the month in Welsh.  There is a story to listen to and a couple of activities which you can try out.


Find out the population of Wales.  What is the most populated town or City?  Which place in Wales sees the most rain?  Which is the highest mountain and how tall or high is it in metres?  How long would it take you to drive from Swansea to Snowdon?



Tuesday 9th February 2021

Sentence Doctor-Can you correct these sentences?


can I plai

the bat floo high

“why do I need to do homework” said Joe


Main Literacy Task

Today you are going to write the beginning of your story.  I have attached a sheet if you wish to use it. On the sheet are some question prompts and ideas to get you started.  Make sure you use your plan from Monday’s work and keep any word banks handy to use.


When you write stories try not to worry about making mistakes.  All authors make mistakes as they write and they then edit their work over and over again until they are happy.  This is what I’d like you to do this week.  Make mistakes and then read and edit as you go along the week!

Make sure you focus just on the opening/beginning of your story today.

Y3-Aim to write about half an A4 page.

Y4-Aim to write just over an A4 page for your introduction.

Make sure you include lots of detail and description.

Story Writing beginning




Today we are going to carry on with some Angles work.

Year 3-Please complete the attached sheet on identifying right angles and angles that are bigger or smaller.

t-n-2545007-right-angles-activity-sheet Year 3

Year 4-Please complete the attached sheet on recognising different sized angles.

t2-m-289-acute-and-obtuse-angles-activity-sheet_ year 4

Then there are 2 extra Maths challenges should you wish to try them.

  1. Take photo’s of objects with right angles around your house and upload to Hwb.
  2. Have a go at this activity: t2-m-2656-spin-to-win-activity-challenge


For the rest of the day…

Carry on with the presentation about Wales.  Please see Monday’s lesson notes.

PE-As it’s Six Nations time in the world of Rugby at the moment, have a go at trying these rugby skills if you have the room.  If you have not got a rugby ball you can use a different ball.  And you will need to improvise on the tyre!




Monday 8th February 2021

Happy Monday everyone!

Teams meetings at 9am and 2:30pm.  Guided reading group 2 at 9:10.

Sentence Doctor!  Can you correct these sentences?

the cat eat the mouse

the dog worked in the park

I am happy he said

don’t you like sausages anymore asked mum


Main Literacy Task

Today I would like you to plan for writing a story.  First of all, have a look at the video clip attached about starting stories and what you need to include.

Next, have a look at some of the useful writing prompts and supports I have attached.

Adventure Story Checklist

Adventure Story Question Prompts

Adventure Story Word Mat

Write Your Own Adventure Story Display Poster

Your adventure story is going to be based around a dragon.  You can set the story wherever you like and it is up to you what happens in the story.  So today use the following sheet or draw your own Story Mountain to plan ideas for the different parts of your story.  Remember, today is just for planning the story!

Adventure Story Mountain Planner



We are going to be looking at shape this week.  Today our focus will be recognising right angles in shapes and the world around us.

Please have a look through the PowerPoint then have a go at the attached worksheet.

PowerPoint – Recognise Right Angles in Shapes

Horizontal Format – Recognise Right Angles in Shapes Year 3

The above worksheet is for year 3 and 4.  However, if this looks too tricky please choose the following activity to have a go at.

Right angles sorting

You may find this useful for identifying right angles.

Right angle finders


For the rest of the day…

I would like you all to begin a presentation on Wales.  It can include any information about our Country.  For example, the different places in Wales, the weather, sports, food, language and any of your favourite things about living here.

This presentation can be researched, practised and recorded in a video clip.  It may be a Powerpoint presentation.  It can be presented as a booklet or large poster.

It is to be added to and worked on over the course of this week, ready to be uploaded on Friday by 1pm.  Make sure you include pictures, labels, captions and information.  Make it bright, colourful and eye catching.

To get you started I have attached a PowerPoint about Wales which might have some useful information you could include:

Wales PowerPoint








Friday 5th February 2021

Teams meetings at 9am and 2:30pm.

Sentence Doctor

Can you substitute the red words for other words?

During the afternoon I went for a run.  Later that day I saw a rainbow in the sky.

Feel free to add in any describing words, adjectives or adverbs to make it more interesting as well.

Main Literacy Task

Today our Literacy is going to be spelling related.   Most of you should be able to have a go at one of the attached sheets.  I have chosen some of the year 3 and 4 key words that begin with ‘a’ for today.


I have also attached some support spelling work should you need it.

Common Exceptions Words – 3

Common Exceptions Words – 4



Today we are going to carry on with our Time theme. 

For year 3 your focus will be reading the time to 1 hour more or less.  Please choose three of the challenges to complete.

Challenge Time cards 1

For year 4,  your focus will be reading the time using the 5 minute rule between each hour number.  Please have a look at the PowerPoint and then choose 2 sheets to complete.  Remember Year 3’s you can challenge yourselves to have a go at this if you are able to complete your work easily.

Friday telling time to 5 minutes

Vertical Format – Telling the Time to 5 Minutes


For the rest of the day…

  1. Have a go at PE with Joe!
  2. Finish any work from the week.
  3. Try the maths game below.







Thursday 4th February 2021

Teams meetings at 9am and 2:30pm.  Guided reading group with JE, SW, KD and RP at 9:10am.

Sentence Doctor Can you make these sentences more interesting?

A cat ran up a tree.

Next time I go the park I’m going to go on the slide.

Yesterday my mum took me shopping.

Use adjectives, verbs, adverbs and any descriptive phrases to make this sound more interesting.


Main Literacy Task-Relative Clauses

Please have a look through this PowerPoint.  There are 3 activities to choose from.  1 star being easier and 3 star being the most challenging.  Please choose one that suits you but gives you a challenge!

1. Drop-in Relative Clauses Powerpoint

7. Relative Clause at the End Activity 1 star

8. Relative Clause at the End Activity 2 star

9. Relative Clause at the End Activity 3 star



For the next few days we will be looking at time and reading clocks.  There are a couple of PowerPoints.  Take your time to look at both of them and then choose one of the activities below.



1 star Maths

2 star Maths

3 star Maths


For the rest of the day…

Have a look at this PowerPoint and make sure you click PLAY on the video clips.

Dragon and Lion Dance

Also, have a look at the following video clip:


You can choose either to create your own dance linked to one of the Chinese New Year animals or you can create a puppet style dance like the one in the clip above.

  1. You could draw a picture of the dance with some instructions on how to perform it.
  2. You could perform the dance and ask a member of your household to video it and upload to Hwb.
  3.  Or  you could perform with the puppets and take a video and upload to Hwb.

I look forward to seeing and hearing your performances.





Wednesday 3rd January 2021


Sentence Doctor Should it be an or a?

An man was waiting at the bus stop.  He didn’t see a ambulance racing down the street.  Then an dog ran past and an lady ran after him.  


English-Main Task

Please have a look at the reading comprehensions.  Read the text and answer the questions.  Please choose either the 1, 2 or 3 stars paper to have a go at.  Most of you will be able to complete one of these.

Reading comprehension


You can have a go at one of these instead:

A monster surprise Reading comprehension



Carry on with the Place Value work using larger numbers to 1000 and above.  Choose another activity from pages 1-9.

Place value Maths Tuesday up to page 9


Have a go at this addition and subtraction game.



For the rest of the day…

Have a look at this PowerPoint about Chinese New Year.  You will need to read it in Welsh.  Then create a poster all about Chinese New Year, drawing pictures and labelling what they are in Welsh.  Make it bright and colourful and make sure your writing is neat and tidy.

Chinese New Year

Then have a go at either or both of these activities:

Craft Instructions

Dragon Head Template










Tuesday 2nd February 2021

Teams meetings at 9am and 2:30pm.


Sentence Doctor   Have a go at correcting any mistakes!

the olld lady runned down the street quicker than a flash of lightning.  he wondered why their was no body around.


Year 4

Please look through the PowerPoint on Fronted Adverbials.

Fronted adverbials PowerPoint

Then have a go at this activity:



Year 3

Have a go at one of these activities linked to adverbials.  It may help to look at the PowerPoint as well.

Spot the Adverbial Tuesday

Adverbial Sort Tuesday



This maths is to be completed over the next couple of days.  I will attach it again tomorrow.  Please complete at least 3 sheets (pages 1-9) by the end of Wednesday.  Choose the activities that will challenge you.

Place value Maths Tuesday up to page 9


Choose this activity to practise 100 more/less.

100 more and less square activity Tuesday


For the rest of the day..

Have another listen to the Brave Knight song I posted on Friday.

Can you make up your own Knight song or rap?  Write it down.  Try to think of rhyming words and to keep a good rhythm.  When you have practised it maybe you could record it.  You can use any instruments or backing tracks or body percussion.  Any video’s sent in will automatically receive 2 stars, maybe more!





Monday 1st February 2021

Teams meeting at 9am and 2:30pm.

Good morning everyone!

Sentence Doctor   Have a go at correcting any mistakes! It could be punctuation, spellings or grammar.

Running and smilin the children jumped out of the scool and into the crystal wite blanket covering of snow. The glittering sn owflakes shined and twinkled as the childrin ranned past.


Task 1

Read the next two pages of the Wyrmstooth Crown.

Y3- Make a list of at least 6 verbs and 6 adjectives that you can find in the text.

Y4- Make a list of at least 6 verbs, 6 adjectives and at least one adverb in the text. Can you think of your own to add in?

Remember verbs are action (doing) words (running).  Adjectives are describing words (glittering).  Adverbs describe the verb (running cautiously).

Task 2

There are 3 different sheets within this attachment.  Please choose only one to have a go at.  1 star is easier, 2 stars a bit trickier and 3 stars being the hardest.  Most of the year 4’s should be aiming for the 3 star sheet.  It is all about word families-this means finding words that belong together.



Sentence support-if you feel you need to practise your sentences, please click below.




Today we are going to be looking at adding and subtracting 1, 10 and 100.  For the year 4’s it will also be adding and subtracting 1000.  Please read through the attached PowerPoints and have a go at one of the activities.

Year 4

Please look through the PowerPoint then choose one of the loop card games to have a go at.

Lesson Presentation Construction Area Y4

Loop Cards Finding More and Less MA

Loop Cards Finding More and Less HA 


Year 3

Please look through the PowerPoint and work through one of the sheets.

PowerPoint – 1 10 and 100 More or Less

Vertical Format – 1 10 and 100 More or Less



I have attached an additional PowerPoint and worksheet on addition and subtraction, working with lower numbers.

Lesson Presentation Subtracting with a Part-Whole Model support

Model Makers Activity Sheets


For the rest of the day…

  1. Have a go at copying these dragon scale patterns.


2. Then have a go at sketching a dragon.  Give it different patterned scales.  You can use different colours and different tools.  For example, you could use fabric, tin foil, paints, felt tip, pastels or colouring pencils.  Or you could use a bit of each.  What can you find around your house that you can use?  Please ask your parents before using anything though.



Friday 29th January 2021


Uploading work!

When you log in to Hwb, go to J2E and it will take you to this J2Launch page.  Here you will see an upload tab.  When you click on here you can find files saved on your device and upload them.  When uploading photos it is easier to do this from a tablet/ipad or smartphone. Please have a go at uploading a piece of work today.


Today we are having a Knight Day!

Instead of sentence doctor please make a list of at least 10 healthy foods.  Please try and think of the different food groups:  fruits and vegetables, dairy, protein and carbohydrates.


For the main English task today…

Please design a dinner fit for a strong and healthy Knight.

Write a menu for the Knight.  Include at least 3 starters, 3 main courses and 3 desserts.  Also a healthy drink!

Year 3-Draw the food, then label using adjectives.  For example, you might draw a pizza and label: a spicy, sizzling, fiery pizza.

Year 4-Draw the food.  Write sentences that include lots of description and persuade the knight to choose it.  For example, you might draw a pizza and write:  Take a delicious bite of this wonderful, spicy pizza that is bursting with cheese and pepperoni.

I’ve attached a template if you wish to use it otherwise you can create your own design of menu.


Of course, Year 3’s you may challenge yourselves and have a go at the Y4’s work!



Collect data on people’s favourite foods.  Try to ask between 10 and 15 people.  You can ask the people in your home or by text or phone.  First choose 4 of your favourite meals and then ask those people what is their favourite.  Collect data in a table.

Tally chart

Then create a block graph to show your results.

I’ve attached some square paper if you wish to use it.



For the rest of the day…

  1. Finish any work
  2. Write and try out a workout to keep a Knight strong and fit.  It must be at least 10 minutes long.  I would like to see the workout written down but you are welcome to upload your workout through a video to Hwb.  Just follow the instructions at the top of the page.
  3. Learn this song about being a knight:




Thursday 28th January 2021

Good morning everyone.

Teams Meetings at 9am and 2:30pm.

Sentence Doctor  

The golden sands felt warm and soothing beneth my worn out and weary feet. Their
where beads of condensation dripping from my cold refreshing glass off water.

The words in red are wrong.  Why are they wrong and can you correct them?


Main English Task

Today there is some sentence support work for those who might need to practise making and writing sentences.

Sentence support work


Most of you will be able to have a go at the following work on Personification.  Look at the examples at the top of the sheet and see if you can match the 2 parts of a sentence together.  Then have a go at writing some of your own.




Today we are going to look at interpreting graphs and bar charts.  Choose one of the following attached sheets to have a go at!

Bar charts 2

Most of you should be able to have a go at one of the above sheets but I have attached a simpler version if you find it tricky.

t2-m-1388-interpreting-bar-charts-worksheets-_ver_3 maths 1


For the rest of the day…

  1. Cymraeg-have a go at the following activity.  Please choose only page 1 to have a go at.  Please follow the descriptions and draw a picture to go in each box.

Mae ganddo fo wallt…   He has got….

Mae ganddi hi wallt… She has got…

description_pictures welsh


2. Read through the PowerPoint on Carnivores, Herbivores and Omnivores then complete the Sorting Activity.

Sorting Activity

Science PowerPoint



Wednesday 27th January 2021

Good morning everyone.

Teams Meetings at 9am and 2:30pm.

Sentence Doctor  

There not in they’re house because their over they’re, in the park.

What is wrong with this sentence?  Remember there are three spellings: there (place), their (people) and they’re (they are).


Main English Task

Year 3-You can work on spellings today.  Have a go at these sheets.

Correct the spelling 1

Year 4-Try one of the sheets from the Wyrmstooth Crown to have a go at.


I have written year 3 or year 4 by the English and Maths tasks for today but please choose a task that is suitable for you.  For example, a year 3 might want to do the year 4 work as a challenge or a year 4 might think it looks too tricky so they can always have a go at the year 3 work first.  



We are going to continue to practise division.

Year 3- Colour by division 1

Year4- You are going to be learning how to use the Bus Stop method for dividing.  Please look through the PowerPoint then have a go at one of the attached sheets.


Bus stop method 2


For the rest of the day…

  1. Finish any tasks from yesterday.
  2. Have a go at some castle art.




Crossword Challenge (if you have extra time?)


I have attached the Maesmarchog Primary Code of Conduct agreement for using Teams.

Teams meeting agreement for pupils.


Tuesday 26th January 2021

Good morning everyone.

Teams Meetings at 9am and 2:30pm.

Sentence Doctor  

Please fill in the gaps with adventurous word choices.

Suddenly, the ___________________ cat jumped off the _____________ and sprinted ________________________ to the _________________ lake.

Can you substitute any of the other words to make it more interesting?


Main English Task

Today we have more work on punctuation.  The next two attachments are thinking about how we mark the end of sentences and capital letters.  You can choose one of these:

Sentence punctuation

Sentence punctuation1


You can have a go at learning about how to use inverted commas.  Read through the PowerPoint and follow the rules.  Remember inverted commas are the same as speech marks!


Inverted Commas



First of all have a look through the division PowerPoint.


Then choose one of the following tasks.  They get gradually more difficult.

Divide by 2 Space Race

Division Challenge cards chilli 1

Division chilli challenge 2

Division chilli challenge 3


For the rest of the day…

  1. Have a look at the Welsh map activity.  You will need access to a map of Wales either in a book/atlas or on the internet.

Welsh Cities

Welsh Counties

2. PE with Joe Wickes

3.  If you have time you can have a go at the two Cycling safety activities and read the Green Cross Code.

Decorate your Helmet

Cycling Quiz for Social Media


Monday 25th January 2021

Good morning everyone.

Teams Meetings at 9am and 2:30pm.

From this week everyone who joins a Team meeting will be awarded a star each time.  Other stars will be given for excellent effort, challenging yourselves, fantastic presentation and super pieces of work!


Sentence Doctor  

Y4-Choose 6 words from the spelling mat to use in a sentence.

Y3-Choose 4 words from the spelling mat to use in sentences.


Remember to start each sentence with a capital letter.  Choose a different word to start each sentence with.


Main English Task

Have a go at one of the punctuation sheets.  There are 3 sheets.  One star is easier with three stars being the trickiest.




This week we are going to be looking at division.  There are three different activities you could choose.  Have a go at one of them:


Division 2

Division Wheels Activity Sheet

A game to practise quick mental division recall is:



Have a go at designing a dragon for every season.

Read the instructions carefully.  Make sure you present your work to the best of your ability.





Friday 22nd January 2021

Good morning everyone.  It’s Friday!

Teams Meetings at 9am and 2:30pm.  At the 2:30pm meeting we will announce who has achieved the most stars this week.

From next week everyone who joins a Team meeting will be awarded a star each time.  Other stars will be given for excellent effort, challenging yourselves, fantastic presentation and super pieces of work!


Sentence Doctor- Choose one of the attached sheets and correct the sentences.



Main English Task

To help celebrate International day of Education Network Rail have set a competition.  I have attached an English and Welsh copy of the competition.  Please follow the instructions on the poster on what to do and who to send it to if you wish to enter your work.

Env and Safety Poster

CY_Env and Safety Poster



Choose from one of the Chilli Challenges below.  In each attachment there are several challenges.  Choose at least 5 to have a go at.

Chilli 1 is addition and subtraction and has the easier activities.

Chilli Challenges 1

Chilli 2 is Multiplication and Division and is slightly more difficult.

Chilli challenge 2

Chilli 3 is place value and is more difficult again.

Chilli challenge 3

Chilli 4 is place value and is super difficult but have a go if you dare!

Chilli challenge 4


For the rest of day…

  1. Finish any work from earlier in the week.
  2. PE with Joe Wickes.

3. Try one of the Wellbeing tasks related to out topic.  There is a game, some colouring sheets and a chance to write your own Dragon story!

A4 find the pictures

Castles and Knights Colouring Sheets

Dragon Colouring Sheets

Dragon Page Borders



Thursday 21st January 2021

Teams meeting at 9am and 2:30pm.


Language and Literacy

Sentence Doctor- Please add in a fantastic describing word where I have left a space.

Guster ____________ flapped his wings and with a ____________ swish of his tail he leapt ________________ off of the _______________ cliff.


Main English Task

Please write a Dragon acrostic poem.  It is going to be about Guster.  It should describe the way he moves.  Each line needs to start with a letter from DRAGON and the first word in each line needs to be either a verb or an adjective.

For example the first line beginning with D could be:

Diving into the water Guster made a gigantic splash! or

Drenched from head to toe Guster shook his scales frantically.

Please use the attached sheet.  You can use more paper if you need it.



I have also set 2 challenges should you wish to do them.  First of all you will need to read the next 2 pages of the ‘Wyrmstooth Crown’.

Year 3 challenge: Find and make a list of at least 6 adjectives used by the author from the pages above.

Year 4 challenge: The author has used these words in the text: convincing, petrified, thunderous, inflated.  Can you use each of them in a sentence?  Make sure you write 4 sentences using one of the words above each time.



We are going to be looking at measuring lengths today, comparing and putting them in order.  In the attached work there are differentiated sheets.  One star being easier, with 3 stars being the most difficult.

When you measure make sure you are using CM and that you start at zero.



For the rest of the day

  1. Continue making your castles.
  2. Look at the Powerpoint on Motte and Bailey castles.


Then choose one of the differentiated sheets to complete.


As an extra activity I have attached this Motte and Bailey to make.  If you cannot print  then  can you make one of your own using paper or card?





Wednesday 20th January 2021

Teams meeting at 9am and 2:30pm.


Language and Literacy

Sentence Doctor- Please add in the correct punctuation where I have left a space.

  1. Ouch____ The dog bit me_____
  2. The dog bit the man_____
  3. Did the dog bite the man ______


Main English Task

Task 1: Read pages 16 and 17 and then answer the questions below.  All the answers can be found in the text.

  1. Choose 2 words that the author has used to describe the ‘beasts’?
  2. The word ‘outwit’ is used on page 16.  What does it mean?  Can you find out?
  3. What did Guster disguise himself as in the lake?  You can find this answer on page 17.


Task 2-Look at the attached sheet on past and present tense.  You do not need to read any other pages to complete this task.






Today we are going to look at the area of triangles.  This gets a bit trickier but you start by working it out in the same way.  Have a look at this clip

Then have a go at one of the attached sheets.  I will advise you to either choose the sheet with one or two stars.  The option with 3 stars can be an additional challenge if you want it.


If that looks too tricky you could have a go at measuring the perimeter of some simple shapes.




For the rest of the day…

  1. Please continue with your Castle models.
  2. Science-Have a go at reading one of the Science sheets about ‘Pollution in the Ocean’.  There are easier to more difficult extracts.  Please choose one that is suitable but challenging for you.  Then answer the comprehension questions that go with it.






Tuesday 19th January 2021

Teams meeting at 9am and 2:30pm.


Language and Literacy

Sentence Doctor- David walked to school.  He was pulling his scooter behind him.  He said ‘hello’ to his friends!

Choose an alternative word for ‘walked’, ‘pulling’ and ‘said’.

Read the first two pages of Chapter 2.

Task 1: Using the text above can you answer the questions?  What words/phrases has the author used?

  1. How did the water feel against Guster’s itchy scales?  What phrase does the author use?
  2. What word describes how the fish were moving?
  3. Which word describes how Guster was paddling?
  4. How did Guster move into the ‘dense trees’?

Task 2: I have attached 2 sheets. One on synonyms, which means words that are similar.  For example; cold, bitter and freezing all have the same meaning.  Also scared, frightened, terrified.  The other sheet is on antonyms, which are words that have opposite meanings such as cold and hot, happy and sad, stand up and sit down.





Look at the powerpoint on Area.


Today choose one of the tasks.  Area 1 is easier, with 3 being the hardest.  There is also an extension for anyone wanting a challenge!



3 Area Sheet




  1. Begin or continue to make your Castle model.
  2. Cymraeg- have a go at one of these activities. Numbers and Number Names

or Introduce Yourself

3. PE Joe Wickes



Monday 18th January 2021

Teams meeting at 9am and 2:30pm.


Language and Literacy

Sentence Doctor- sarah was playing in the park she went down the slide and bumped her knee suddenly she started to cry

Can you add capital letters and full stops to make this correct?  There should be three sentences!


Main Task English- Write a recount of your weekend.

Did you go on any walks?  Did you have any video calls?  What did you eat?  What did you do?

Aim to write one page full of things you did.  Make sure you write in the past tense.  For example; went, had, been and words ending in ‘ed’.

Try to use different sentence openers such as time connectives; First, Next, Then, After that, Later on and Finally.

Use good punctuation and use your spelling mats for support.  Remember to make sentences detailed so use conjunctions; and, because, so, then, also.





For the next few days we are going to be looking at Area.  The area is the space within a shape.  Today you are going to calculate the area by counting the cm boxes.  This will give you the answer.

Please choose one of the attached worksheets.

Year 3 area

Year 4 area




Have a look at the attached PowerPoint and word document to find out about life in some Welsh Castles.

Answer the questions on the attached Word Document sheet.




I would also like you to plan a model of a castle.  Please think about what resources you have in the house.  With your parents or carers permission, have a look in the recycling.  Is there anything you could use?  What tools do you have?  Do you have glue, sellotape, scissors or string?  Draw a picture of what you would like your castle to look like.  You can begin making it tomorrow!

Good luck with today’s work and I will speak to you all later at 2:30pm to see how you got on!



Friday 15th January 2021

Teams meeting at 9am and 2:30pm.


Language and Literacy

Sentence Doctor- A dog was barking.  He woke up the neighbours.

Can you add adjectives to make the sentences more interesting?  Can you add another sentence? Make sure you include adjectives!


Main English Task- Choose one of the reading comprehensions tasks to complete.  You can click on either of the attachments below.  The first attachment has slightly easier tasks.  Within each attachment there are differentiated reading booklets and questions.  Choose a reading paper that challenges you! 



Today we are going to be carrying on with short multiplication.  Please use the PowerPoint from Thursday to support you again.  Choose one of the sheets from the following attachment:


Alternatively you can have a go at this Dice Game which helps you to learn and practise your time tables:



I would like all of you to have a go at ‘Hit the Button’ and select time tables.  You can choose which one to practise!


For the rest of the day

  1. Finish Welsh Castle work.
  2. Continue with the science work set yesterday.

PE Warm up

10 Minute Challenge-each exercise is based upon 30 second moving/30 second rest!

  1. Jog on the spot-high knees!
  2. Jumping Jacks
  3. Press ups!  You can use your knees.
  4. Elbow plank.
  5. Squat jumps.  Jump in a wide legged squat position.
  6. Alternate legs lunging back.
  7. Sit ups!  Lie on you back, knees slightly bent and sit all the way up.
  8. Jog on the spot, punching in front of you.
  9. Chair squat-hold a squat with legs closer together for 30 seconds.
  10. Burpees or mountain climbers? You choose!

Have a great weekend!



Thursday 14th January 2021

Teams meeting at 9am and 2:30pm.


Language and Literacy

Sentence Doctor- Correct the spellings or grammar that are incorrect.

Doris drived 60 miles to sea her arnty Carole.  She did’nt stop at all!  She done all the drivin on her own.



English TaskRead page 12 and 13 above.  These are the last 2 pages of this chapter.

The last paragraph on page 13 uses lots of fantastic adjectives.

Task 1: Write down as many adjectives or descriptive phrases as you can find in that paragraph.

Task 2: ‘Guster plunged headfirst into the icy water’.

Write a description using lots of adjectives and descriptive phrases to tell us about Guster’s experience under the water.  How does it feel on his skin?  What can he see under the water?  What can he hear?  Is he scared/excited?

Year 3-Aim to write at least 6 sentences.

Year 4-Aim to write at least 10 sentences.



Please look at the expanded method for short multiplication on this powerpoint.

Multiplication ppt Thursday

Then have a go at one of the attached sheets. The more stars at the bottom of the sheet the harder the challenge is!  But go for it, you can do it!

Expanded mutiplication differentiated sheets Thursday


If you are not ready for short multiplication, you can try one of these activities:





Please carry on with you Welsh Castle work! 







Science-For Thursday and Friday

Take time over the next couple of days to read through this powerpoint about plastics in the environment.  You may need some help reading it!



Then choose from one  of the following tasks:

Task 1: tScience for and against sheet

Task 2: Make a poster using pictures and writing to tell people how they can use alternatives for plastics.  For example, you could draw a bag and next to it write, ‘Try and take a bag for life with you when you shop!’  Try to fill your page with many different plastic objects and ideas.



Wednesday 13th January

Teams meeting at 9am and 2:30pm.


Language and Literacy

Sentence Doctor- Write 3 sentences.  Can you use a preposition to begin your sentences?

Preposition examples: On, In, Under, Over, Beneath, Across, Through…


Read pages 10 and 11.  Can you write a descriptive WANTED poster for the creature in the air?  Draw a picture of what you think it looks like.  Then write some sentences describing it.  What does it look like?  What sounds does it make?  How does it make you feel?  Use as many adjectives as you can.  Don’t be afraid to steal words from the text such as swoop or ragged.  

Year 3-try to aim for about 6 sentences.  Focus-Excellent punctuation and adjectives.

Year 4-try to aim for at least 10 sentences.  Focus-using adjectives and a variety of sentence openers.



For the rest of the week we are going to be focusing on short multiplication.  I have posted an example below.  Have a look at the attached sheets and choose one to work through.  Please keep on practising all your time tables daily especially the set you find the trickiest.


Just click on the image above to enlarge and zoom in.

Short multiplication: short multiplication

If you feel you are not ready for short multiplication please try the attached sheets for practising 2, 5 and 10 time tables.

2,5 and 10 timetables practise


Reading-Keep practising your reading through the papers set at the beginning of the week or by reading some of your own books.


Topic-Carry on with your Welsh Castle work


Cymraeg: Have a look through the PPT about body parts

Lesson Presentation Parts of the Body

If you have a printer you could print out one of the attached worksheets below to have a go at.  If not have a go at drawing yourself and label the different parts of your body in welsh.


Parts of the Body Activity Sheets



Tuesday 12th January

Teams meeting at 9am and 2:30pm.


Language and Literacy

Sentence Doctor- Kevin was running to the shops because they were going to close very soon.  He ran quickly so he could be there on time.

Please underline the noun (name)  or pronoun in red, the verb ( doing/action) in yellow and the adverb (describes the verb) in blue.


Main English Task-Read the next two pages of the Wyrmstooth Crown.  The following phrases you can find in the text.  First copy them out but leave some space under each phrase.   Y3-choose at least 3.  Y4-Please aim to complete all five.

  1. We’re doomed!
  2. We are outnumbered!
  3. Tangleclaw had the gift of foresight.
  4. They are strong, but we are cunning.
  5. But his mind kept straying to the humans on the bank.


What do you think each phrase means?  It will help to read the phrase in context with the story.  Have a go and please don’t worry about getting it wrong.  Just write what you think.  We will discuss this briefly in our round up at 2:30!


Additional language tasks (These can be completed if you have spare time over the week and require some additional language work.  Just choose one of the booklets to work through.)

Winter English Activity Booklet 1

Winter English Activity Booklet 2

Answers – Winter English Activity Booklet 1

Winter English Activity Booklet – Answers 2

Year 3 Winter English Activity Booklet

Year 3 Winter English Activity Answers

Year 4 Winter English Activity Booklet

Year 4 Winter English Activity Booklet Answers



Have a look through the following powerpoint: t2-m-41411-spot-the-football-coordinates-powerpoint-activity-english_ver_1

Answer the questions as you go through the powerpoint.


Maths Challenge:  Try a sheet from either of these attachments:






Please continue with your Welsh Castles research.  This is to be continued over the course of this week.





Monday 11th January 2021

Teams meeting at 9am and 2:30pm.


Language and Literacy

Sentence Doctor- Later that day the young boy, who was slumped miserably in a chair, was going to have the most wonderful surprise!

Can you write a sentence like the one above, where a subordinate clause is used in the middle of the sentence?  Main clause in orange, subordinate clause in red!

Main English Task-Read the pages 6 and 7 from the ‘Wyrmstooth Crown’.

In the text are these words: stifle, clan, colony, cooperated and shuffled.  Can you find out what they mean?  Use a dictionary to support you.  This should help you to make more sense of the story!



Well done for the effort with the addition and subtraction work from last week.  this week we are going to focus on coordinates and multiplication.  As a warm up please practise a different timetables everyday.   A useful website is  

Today we are going to look at how to find and plot coordinates.  Please look through the powerpoint first then have a go at the attached sheet.  If you cannot print please just write the co-ordinates down.





Reading – These tasks are for the week!  Use the questions I set last week to discuss the text after you have read it. 

Reading Booklets 2

Questions: What is the text about?  Who are the characters?  What have you found out from reading?  Have you read anything similar before?  What have you learned?  Are there any new words?


Over the course of the week I would like you to produce some fact pages about castles in Wales.  You can do this in a leaflet style, an A3 poster page, make a booklet or produce a powerpoint.

Make sure you include the castle’s name, its location in Wales and some of the interesting facts about the castle.  I would like you to to write facts about at least 5 castles but it would be great if you could do more.  A good website to start with is

Please can you let me know if you are uploading your work to Hwb, so I know where to look.  I have seen that some of you are which is great.  If you are not uploading your work could you please keep it in a tidy file and send it into school once a week so I can mark it.  Thank you.


Useful resources: t2-e-5023-common-exception-words-year-3-and-4-alphabet-word-mat_ver_3