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Dosbarth 2

‘Talk 2gether’

You might be aware of, or your child may have accessed sessions within school or out of school previously. It is a support service for the development of speech and language and communication skills for Nursery/Reception aged children. Sessions have previously run in the Resolven ‘Building blocks’ centre and I know of several families who have seen the benefit from these sessions with their child. Currently there are no one-to-one sessions at the centre or in school but they have moved their service online. You can access this through Facebook if you are interested, it is full of facts, tips and video clips to help your children’s speech, language and communication skills develop. The page on Facebook is called ‘Talk2gether’ and has a rainbow as the picture.

If you would like to contact the ladies running the group directly I can put you in touch with them or if you ring the school we will pass on contact details.

July 13th 2020


Hey gang! Well, this is it, the last week of term. I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone this year. I have loved being back in Class 2 and having you all as my first Nursery/Reception class for quite a few years! I have been learning new things right there alongside you! I am proud of each and every one of you, how hard you have all worked when we were together in class and since you have all been at home.

You have all been doing so well, this is your time to finish off any challenges I have set in previous weeks or maybe some that you didn’t get around to. Remember I love seeing your photos of what you have been up to or hearing your news. You can contact me on:

So, below are a few activities to keep you going:

  • You might have been working on a superhero costume for a superhero party.. I will share a picture of mine with you soon!
  • Here’s a story about how to be a Superhero:  Can you think of some other rules you would have for being a Superhero?
  • Hmm, this story looks kind of familiar…
  • Or this cartoon is a real superhero adventure with Spiderman and Ironman

Please continue practising your phonics songs and handwriting over the holidays. You are all superheroes to me!

Finally. if you want to keep up with the cosmic kids yoga I have been posting weekly (as we are in the Hub class) there are loads to choose from here:

Or you can combine the two and workout to letter sounds!

So take care my lovely lot, I am thinking of you all and hoping you stay busy and happy at home (with being able to get out and about a bit more now). I have lots of happy memories of you all as Class 2 and am only sorry that our time together was cut short: class poem







Lots of love to you all,

Miss Griffiths. XXX

July 5th 2020

Hi Class 2, how are you all? So, we have been busy back in school this week. Sadly I do not get to see you back in class yet, but I am thinking of you all. I have been checking up on you with Mums or older brothers and sisters or even waving and getting to chat to one or two of you as you’ve passed the school when I’m in class with the hub group! That has been lovely to see your smiley faces!

Don’t forget, you can contact me with any queries or just to check-in at  or by phoning the school. It has been lovely to hear off a few of you and see pictures of what you’ve been up to. Keep going, you are all…

Language activities:

Sticking with our Superhero theme, this week’s story is here:

  • After listening to the story decide what makes your Mum a ‘Supermum’? Does she give ‘Super’ hugs? Does she make you Super cakes? Does she kiss any baddies better when you fall over?
  • Can you make a special picture or card for your Mum to say thank you? Maybe ask Dad or an older brother or sister to help you make her a cup of tea or how about just giving her your BIGGEST cuddle?
  • If you have access to a computer you can print off these coupons and fill in to give Mum (or Dad) a treat:



Your letter sound this week is at the beginning of all of these words. See if you can guess what it is..



That’s right it’s 

  • See if you can join in with the song and the actions here:
  • Now try making your own ‘r’ letter shapes You can use crayons or chalks on paper or outside. How about asking a grown up to help you make salt dough letters? Click here for the recipe:


  • Your final digraph blend is

  • You can blend some words with ue in here:
  • Watch Geraldine to see if she can find anything with this tricky sound in this time!
  • How about giving it a go to write these letters? Remember, try your best to join them. You can do it!

Maths activities:

We have been learning lots about shapes. Now we will start looking at 3D shapes or ‘chunky’ shapes that aren’t flat.

Other activities:


  • Maybe you could have your own superhero day in your garden?!



Right, there’s a few things there to keep you busy. I hope you have lots of fun attempting some of this week’s tasks. You are working so hard and doing really well at home! I am proud of you all.


Take care,

Love from

Miss Griffiths. X


June 29th 2020


Hi Class 2 how are we all doing? I hope you are all safe and have been keeping busy, maybe doing some of the activities on this page? If you have and would like to send me pictures or upload your work to Hwb (I will be able to see it) or just send me a message to say ‘Hi’ that would be lovely! You can contact me at this email : or if you have any queries, you can ring the school and ask to speak to me.

Maths activities:




Language activities:

  • Continuing with our Super hero stories, this time it’s the turn of ‘Super Duck’
  • After listening to the story have a think about a time you helped someone (maybe a friend like Duck). How did it make you feel? How did it make the other person feel?
  • ‘Not all Superheroes wear capes’. Have a think about people in your community who you could call a hero! Maybe someone has done something special for you. Who is your hero?


  • This week your sound is at the beginning of these words:


Can you guess? Yes it’s 


  • We have nearly finished our digraph sounds now. I hope you have been practising writing them. Next we will be moving on to capital letters! So this time we are looking at this digraph
  • watch Geraldine looking for things with this sound in:
  • Try joining those two letters when you practise them! Write them outside, in your books, in paint. You are doing so well, keep it up!

Other activities:

Here are some more stories with a Superhero theme running throughout:

I would LOVE to see photos of you dressed up in your costumes!

I hope you try to complete some of the tasks here. I will look forward to hearing off you if you do!

Take care all of you, I am thinking of all of you and sending you my warmest wishes.

Love from







Miss Griffiths. X

June 24th 2020



Hi Class 2. How are you all? I hope you are all still keeping safe and busy and enjoying the sunshine we are having this week. So, just a few things this week to keep you busy. Well done if you have been trying out some of the activities from pervious weeks. Remember you can carry on with those or try some of the newer tasks ahead.

Language activities:

Here’s another superhero story for you to have a listen to:

  • Did you enjoy that story? Tell someone in your house what was your favourite part? Can you remember, what did Elliot do for the Queen? The mayor? The Coastguard?
  • What do you help with at home?
  • Elliot can fly a jet and tame lions and do all sorts of super things! What are you ‘super’ at?



Your sound this week is at the beginning of our hero’s name! Can you remember? Yes it’s…


We are learning a new digraph this week it is: 

Maths activities:

Can you think of anything else?


Other activities:

Why not try some of these home challenges fit for a superhero?!

superhero challenges

Or some science investigations:

cola experiment   or how about balloon experiment

I hope you all enjoy some of these tasks.

Take care. I’m sending lots of love and best wishes to you all,




Miss Griffiths. X





Parents, please see attached a letter regarding pupils returning to school from 29th June 2020.


June 17th 2020

Hi everyone! I hope you are all doing well and keeping safe and busy at home. It has been lovely to hear off some of you and see some pictures of the things you’ve been doing at home. Well done, you are working hard (and a MASSIVE thank you to all you Mams and Dads for keeping them going with tasks and their work too).

As always, you can carry on with the tasks from previous weeks if you want to or have a go at the activities I have put on below. Remember, don’t worry if you don’t get around to them all, and, if you have any queries or want to share news or pictures of your work, you can always contact me on:  I love hearing from you or getting to see those smiley faces!

So, for the final few weeks of term I thought we would change it up a bit again and look at a new mini topic. I know all of you (and Mams and Dads) have been real heroes to keep going through this difficult time. I also know lots of you love superheroes so I thought that would be a nice mini topic to end the term on.

Language activities:

  • A funny and favourite story of mine around this topic is ‘Supertato’! Have a listen here:
  • Did you enjoy that story? Did it make you laugh? Me too! Tell someone in your house what was he best bit? Who was your favourite character? Did you feel sorry for the evil pea at the end?
  • Draw a picture of something that happened in that story. Maybe you could write some words underneath? Pea, carrot, Supertato.
  • Supertato used his super speed and super strength to beat the pea’s evil plan. What super power would you like to have? Why?



A tricky one for you this time (to write), you’ll have to try REALLY hard. It makes the same sound as our phoneme last week but looks a bit different?


Listen to the same Jolly phonics song here:

And watch how to make it on paper here:

Try your best on paper, with water and a paintbrush, in shaving foam with your finger. It’s a tricky one this week!



Your digraph (two letters one sound) this week is found at the end of supER, and mothER, fathER, sistER and lots of othER words! Can you guess? Make the mixing bowl action… it’s 

Maths activities:

  • Try sorting some fruit and vegetables maybe by colour or size. You’d need 2 containers and some fruit and vegetables. Ask your child to sort them in to groups. Ask for their reasons for sorting; e.g. “these are all green”. They might do it based on their own likes and dislikes.
  • You can use the same fruits and vegetables or play objects for solving basic addition and subtraction problems. It’s most important to use addition language; one more, how many altogether?
  • You could also use the fruits and vegetables to make a repeating pattern as we’ve discussed in previous weeks or you could do some potato printing with coloured paints to make a repeating pattern too!
  • Here are some more counting songs to keep practising:
  • And don’t forget there are some lovely number resources (like numberblocks) to play on the Cbeebies site:


Other activities:

  • It is important as always to keep active and busy. Why not pretend to be the ‘evil pea’ and have a game of hide and seek around the house?
  • You could make a potato head or Supertato or decorate other veg to make a ‘super’ character:

  • You could make a film of you character being rescued or chased by Supertato!
  • How about asking a grown up to help you taste some super veg? Maybe you could do some cooking with the vegetables.
  • As Nursery did K for kite this week and because I think we are expecting some windy weather, how about making a paper kite?
  • As always I have been stretching and doing my yoga at home, here we have an adventure fit for a superhero, Spiderman himself!
  • Or how about some Superhero dancing? 

I hope you enjoyed some of those activities, Take care everyone, I hope to see you soon,

Miss Griffiths. X


June 10th 2020 

Hi Class 2, Miss Griffiths here.

How are you all doing? I hope you’re all ok and keeping happy and busy. I have been painting again this week…no, not the nice, relaxing kind on canvas this time…


but my railings outside. BOOO! They needed to be done, and it was a big job so glad that it’s done! I will get back to my more relaxing artistic painting soon!

I hope you have been enjoying our ‘Under the Sea’ theme. Lots of you have been busy with the tasks. Well done, I am so proud of all of your hard work (you too Mams and Dads). Remember if you have any questions about the work or would like to send me pictures of your work (I LOVE hearing from you!), you can upload them to your Hwb page where I will be able to see them (there is an explanation how to do this below on week beg May 6th. Or you can email me on  with any queries.

Language activities:

So, for our story this week, I have returned to one of my favourite children’s authors; Julia Donaldson. This week is a tale of friendship and team work (makes the dream work!) in Sharing a shell:

So how many friends shared a shell in that story? That’s right… 



Your phoneme or sound this week is at the beginning of these words; can you guess what it is?

Yes! It’s      


Last time we looked at TH as our digraph sound. This week it’s ‘OU’. Can you think of anything with that sOUnd in?! Have a look to see what Geraldine fOUnd:

  • See if you can blend these OU words here;
  • Now can you practise writing those letters together? Try your best at joining them. You can write them inside or out in sand trays, with magic water or in zip loc bags with paint as I showed before. Have fun!
  • The Jolly Phonics app is a really lovely tool and can get children practising their letter recognition and writing in a game format.
  • Alternatively, there are some lovely games on here to help with blending and recognition of letters and sounds. Start at whichever phase you think suits your child:

Maths activities:

So last week we looked at shape and I asked you to try a shape hunt around the home or in your gardens. So, as our story is sharing a shell, shells have lovely patterns on them…(have a look next time you’re on a beach or if you have some there) we will be investigating pattern.

You can make patterns using anything remember. Here are some examples with everyday objects you might have at home:

             or even with food!

Other activities:

As always exercise and keeping active is very important even though we are at home so I have been continuing with my yoga practise and you can carry on with your yoga adventures here:

Well, that’s a few things to keep you busy! I’m off to do some baking this afternoon! That picture of a cake up above made my mouth water and I am fancying something sweet now! You know how much I go on about liking cake!!? Have fun my lovely lot and keep in touch.

Take care,

Lots of love,

Miss Griffiths. X



June 1st 2020

Hi Class 2!

How are you all doing? I hope you are all well and have been outside in the glorious sunshine having lots of fun with your parents and brothers and sisters. I think this weather is sticking around for a while so, if you did make a bug hotel, (as in our previous post) remember to keep checking for ‘guests’. I saw a cheeky little bird popping in and stealing some moss from our big class hotel! Ah well, it’s been lovely to see so many little birds and bugs visiting my garden and coming to say hello!

I know lots of you have been taking the time to get outside and play in paddling pools, enjoying barbecues or even learning a new skill; like riding a bike! Well done! Keep it up! My latest project is trying to learn a new language; Italian; molto bene!

So, on to this week’s tasks. We will be continuing with our ‘Under the Sea’ theme so, if you can, have a go at some of the tasks below. Remember, you can carry on with tasks from previous weeks if you like or think of your own ideas to do with the theme. Remember, you can send me pictures or upload files to your Hwb setting for me to see. I have loved hearing from you or seeing your smiley faces in the photos I have received so far!

Language activities:

For one of this week’s stories click on the link to find out about some pirates finding a new home in ‘Dull on Sea’:

Did you enjoy that story? What was your favourite part of the story?

  • After listening to the story can you tell someone in your house what kinds of things a pirate has on their ship? What is different about Jim Lad the pirate and the other children in Tilda’s school?
  • Jim Lad and Tilda become good friends and share lots of pirate adventures. Can you draw a picture of one of your best friends? Have a go at writing their name?
  • Lots of the people at first don’t like the pirates and are unkind to them. Are the pirates kind? What do they do in the end to show how kind they are?



Your sound this week is at the beginning of these: Can you guess what it is?




One of these magical sea creatures… a NARWHAL OR….

This guy who is always lost….NEMO!



Yes, your letter sound to practise is… n

  • Can you practise writing it in dirt with a stick, on paper, in sand, glitter, rice or cornflour mixed with water on a tray for a strange sensation! Well done!


You have been writing digraph blends (2 letters making one sound) and trying your very best to join them! Fabulous work so far! This week our digraph is TH. Now remember, it can make two different sounds TH as in Three or TH as That. Can you think of some words with those sounds in? Here’s Geraldine to help:

  • Can you practise writing it in your books, on paper, in sand or with magic water outside before the sun steals them away! Good job!
  • Here are some th words to practise blending and your reading skills:

Maths activities:

We are going to be looking at shape this week in maths. You can continue the counting and ordering using the games I’ve previously posted. Singing songs with number rhymes really helps to keep children  interested in number too. If they do the Pirate treasure activity below, they can count the treasure back in and out of the chest/pot/bag. Also, if they do the pirate map activity or making a ship, use any opportunity to name the shapes as you play. This will help to consolidate the children’s learning and further ‘cement’ ideas in their heads.


Other activities:

Here are some more stories for you to watch to keep up with our theme:

If you have old cardboard boxes lying around maybe a grown up can help you make a pirate ship or treasure chest, foil around cardboard makes good treasure to find around the garden!

So, have fun and keep safe and busy! I hope to see you all again soon. Let me know how you get on with this week’s tasks or tasks of your own,

Take care,

Lots of love,

Miss Griffiths.




Important note for parents:

Please see attached a ‘Parental Survey’ sent by the Local Authority to ascertain views of parents regarding a phased return of schooling for pupils. Please could you complete the survey by May 27th and email it to school: Alternatively, you can drop the completed survey off at school on Wednesday or Friday this week. Thank you.

Parental Questionnaire

May 19th 2020

Hi again Class 2, how are you all doing? I hope you’re all ok and continuing to enjoy this time spent with your families  I am keeping busy with lots of jobs but missing seeing all your lovely little faces every day. I do however have to say a big WELL DONE to lots of you for keeping busy with the activities I have been setting and THANK YOU to those of you who have sent me emails, photos, video messages and updates on how you are doing at home. I am so proud of all of your efforts, keep it up!

So, as I said before, if you are still enjoying activities from one of our previous week’s tasks, that’s fine, you can ABSOLUTELY finish those off and don’t worry if you haven’t got around to all of them, go at your own pace. This week we are continuing with our ‘Under the Sea’ theme. If you have any questions or need help with anything, please don’t hesitate to contact me my email is

Language activities:

So one of our stories this week is:

  • Did you enjoy that story? Tell someone in your house what your favourite part was. Can you remember which creatures the shark was trying to eat? Who came to their rescue? What is the message in this story? What do we say in class?…

  • Can you think of something where you have had to ask for help to do something? Maybe it’s been doing one of these tasks at home? Maybe it’s been making something. Maybe you could draw a picture of that task, or say THANK YOU (or make a card) to whoever it was that helped you.
  • That was another story with rhyming words in. Can you think of some words that rhyme with some words from the story?:

Sea           shark          whale

Well done!

Now on to our Phonics:


As well as practising all of the phonics songs all the time (we like singing them in class don’t we?!) this is your letter to focus on this week:

I is for…igloo, Inky mouse, ink, ill and

(that’s what you are!)

  • Now can you practise making this letter? On paper? Or with magic water in the garden? (see how many you can do before they disappear!). You can try writing in sand, glitter, playdoh, shaving foam, in dirt with a stick or if you have paint you can pop it in a zip lock bag and write with your finger! Lots of fun! (please make sure the zip is locked or top of bag is even taped to a solid surface to stop it moving or accidentally opening!).


  • Your digraph blend to focus on this week is ‘ch’.  Can you think of any words with that sound in? Here is Geraldine looking around her house for things with that digraph in:
  • Can you practise making this digraph? Remember try your best to make them join:

 Maths activities:

Other activities:

Here are some other things to keep you being busy bees!


  • You could even create a ‘scene’ for your puppets!
  • Or how about these fantastic creatures using paper plates:
  • Have fun, get making. I would love to see some of the results!
  • As this week is kindness week, have a think about what makes someone kind; Can you think of something kind you could do for someone in your house? How did it make them feel? How did it make you feel? Here are some stories on kindness to share:

As always, I hope you are all safe and sound at home, thinking of you all. I hope get to see you all soon.

Take care, lots of love.

Miss Griffiths. X






May 13th 2020

Hello again Class 2, Miss Griffiths here.        

I hope you are all doing well and keeping busy. It has been lovely to receive some messages off some of you this week and to see pictures of some of your work. You have been busy bees! Remember, if you need to contact me with questions my email is:  If you want to upload things into your child’s Hwb account there is a video explaining how to do it below in last week’s message. I will be able to see their work or pictures if they are saved and can message the children or put comments on their work.

Anyway, on to this week’s tasks! Don’t worry if you haven’t done some tasks from the last few weeks or want to carry on with something from a previous week that is fine. Do what you can and if you have ideas of your own that you come up with too that’s fabulous! Enjoy and I would love to see pictures or hear all about those too.

So we have been learning about mini-beasts and thing that live ‘under’ things maybe rocks or plants in the garden. You can carry on with that but I am now going to move on to things that live ‘under’ water and things to do with the seaside.

Language activities:

  • Here is one of this week’s stories its called ‘Commotion in the Ocean’ by Giles Andreae.





  • After listening to the story can you remember what creatures live under the sea? That’s right: dolphins, crabs, blue whales, jellyfish, lobsters and YIKES! Sharks!
  • This story is a rhyming story, it means some words make the same sound. It says take a look inside this book, the stingray flaps his wings, his tail really stings! Can you hear the rhyming words? (Like when we play our rhyming game when we line up for dinner Reception). Can you think of some rhyming words of your own? Remember sometimes only the beginning sound changes and the rest of the word is the same; cat and mat, sip and zip. Can you make some rhyming words below and read the new words you have made?










Reception: your digraph blend this week is in all of these seaside words. Can you guess what it is?

  Fish                                shark                                     shells


  •  See what items Geraldine finds with that sound in and then can you practise writing it on paper, in rice or sand on a tray. Remember trying your best to join the two letters:
  • Nursery: I want you to focus on this letter sound this week; I spy with my little eye, something beginning with…

That’s right it’s a p  p  p penguin!

Did you sing the song? Now can you practise making that letter on paper, with paint or colours for rainbow writing or on a tray with sand or rice or glitter. (Cornflour and water is also a class favourite for a strange sensation!).



Maths activities:

if you do have access to a printer here are a few things to print off and keep you busy. Happy counting!

count and colour

under the sea counting and colouring

Other activities:

I have been busy outside in my garden and found the perfect sunny spot for the bug hotel which my sister made and was filled with help from the children in the Hub school. It will be put in our class garden when we return to school but for now I am keeping watch and will let you know if it has any ‘guests’! :    

You might want to make a bug hotel of your own if you have outside space. These ones are made by recycling old bottles (remember to ask a grown up to help and check there’s no sharp edges).

  • As we are moving on to under the sea, here is a simple floating and sinking experiment that children in my class have loved doing previously and can be done on as small (in a sink) or large scale (paddling pool) as you like with items from around the home. : . See if you can guess (predict) which items will float or sink and then test them out. Items can be sorted into two piles after being tested; float and sink or floated and didn’t float. oranges are interesting try them with and then without the peel on!
  • Sensory bottles are also another activity that engages the children and they love seeing if things float or what happens if we add…? oil, water, food colouring or paint into the mix!
  • As always, I encourage you to stay active and get outdoors as much as the weather allows. Continuing with our (well my!) love of all things yoga; this week we have an adventure with Squish the fish!
  • And some music for you to listen to and maybe have a dance around your garden to: (I know some of you were doing this last week!)    …or if you’re feeling silly!…
  • Here are some more stories about fish that I think you might enjoy:
  • An important message about friendship in this film Rainbow fish

I hope you have fun with some of those activities. I would love to hear how you get on or see your work.

Take care, continue to stay safe at home and I hope to see you soon,

Love from

Miss Griffiths. X

May 6th 2020

Hello again Class 2, Miss Griffiths here. Sut wyt ti? I hope you are all still keeping safe and busy. I know I have been glad to see the sun return this week and get outside a bit in the garden. I was very pleased to hear from some of you this week and to hear that you have been doing some of the work I have shared over the past two weeks. I have had a request about how to share work or pictures with me. I gave my email address last week it’s  If you have logged on and completed some tasks online on Hwb you can upload them or photos into your child’s file on Hwb. I will be able to see if they have added work to their files when I am logged on. See the video of how to do this here: 

Similarly, you can attach them directly into your email if it is a photo of their task/work completed. Click on attach files and then you should have the option to browse the device you are on and attach to the email. I hope this helps. Please get in touch if you are still having difficulty in doing this.

So, on to the tasks for this week. Remember, try to complete some of the tasks, or, if you do something else along the theme, let me know. I love hearing your ideas.

Language activities:

  • So, we listened to the story ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ last week. Have a listen again and see if you can retell the story. Can you remember what he ate on which day? He was VERY hungry wasn’t he?! I have put a storymap here to help you remember: 
  • Can you make your own storymap to show what the caterpillar ate in the correct order? Now tell the story to someone in your house.
  • When talking about food we often use adjectives or describing words to explain what it tastes like. Maybe you like some of the same things as the caterpillar. Maybe you’ve been eating them today? Can you use a word to describe an orange? maybe it was…

or was it..? Try writing down the sounds in your describing word.

  • Phonics; Please continue to practise singing the Jolly Phonics songs (see previous week for youtube link). This week I would like you to practise these sounds:
  • Nursery: Your sound is at the beginning of this word. What is it? a tomato! That’s right! Can you practise saying the sound?
  • Now, can you practise making the letter shape on paper, in some sand or glitter or rice on a tray or if you have colours; crayons, pencils or pens you could rainbow write it! This is a lovely site to help with letter formation; the children can practise the letters they have done so far or letters in their name after watching a demonstration:
  • Reception: Your digraph blend this week is a tricky one because it can make two different sounds! R-oo-m and h-oo-k, it is:
  • See Geraldine having some fun finding different things with those sounds in. Can you think of some more words and try writing some down?  ,
  •  There are also lots of lovely spelling games where the children can practise their phonics here:
  • Reception I hope you have been practising writing your tricky words that I gave you in your home pack? Please continue to practise those words; putting them into a sentence and copying them and seeing if you remember them. If you have access to a printer you can print the practise page out here to continue we had done as far as ‘my’ in class: TrickyWordsWorksheets
  • There are some lovely resources if you go to the printables sections on the Jolly Phonics website, along with songs and demos:
  • BBC Bitesize has lots of fabulous activities and tasks with more added daily! Here are some phonics tasks to practise our letter sounds:

Maths activities:

Other activities:

Remember how important it is to keep fit and healthy, hopefully you will be having lots of fun outside this week. Here are some activities to try out: Some of these activities are for groups but can be adapted to smaller, garden settings:

Remember to all stay safe, have lots of fun being at home and, if you can, let me know how you’re getting on with everything.

Take care, lots of love to you all, Miss Griffiths. X






  • April 30th 2020

Hello again Class 2, bore da, Miss Griffiths dw i. Sut wyt ti? Gweddol dw i… it’s very strange not being back with you all but I hope you and your families are all safe and well at home together. I hope you enjoyed some of the activities I shared with you last week and have put on this week’s work and tasks below.

Before we finished school I asked you for ideas for our topic for this term. The one that we decided to go with was ‘Under’. At the moment we will continue to look at this as in mini-beasts and creatures that could be living ‘under’ things in your garden (I hope lots of you went on a mini-beast hunt last week?…a bit more tricky now the weather has changed!). We will then move on to ‘Under the sea’ next as lots of you were interested in things to do with the seaside.

Remember to try a few activities out and if you like, you could send me a picture or e-mail to let me know how you are getting on (you will have to ask a grown up for help with this). I would love to hear how you are getting on. You can either email or upload or save something onto your Hwb settings where I will be able to see it in your files. My e-mail is You can also send any queries you have about the tasks to me at this address.

Language activities:    

Listen to and watch the story of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ here: 

  • Talk to a grown up about your favourite part of the story. See if you can remember what the caterpillar ate on certain days, what did he eat on the first day?
  • Can you remember all of the names for the days of the week? Here’s a link to the song we sing in class to help remind you:
  • Can you draw a picture of what you have had to eat today? What day is it? Ask a grown-up to help you write the day on your page. Reception; maybe you could make a little food diary for a few days; showing something you have eaten or maybe what you would like to have on certain days! Can you guess what Miss Griffiths is dreaming of? Cake! Always cake! Delicious! Mmmmm.
  • Can you use the sound mat to try writing some of the sounds in some of the Hungry Caterpillar’s food? For example; on Monday he ate one of these…what is it called? that’s right, it’s an apple! What sound does apple start with? 
  • Nursery: can you try making this letter. Remember, like before, you can make it on paper, or, as suggested last week, have lots of fun ‘writing’ in sand or glitter or rice using your finger or a brush!
  • Reception: On Wednesday the caterpillar ate THREE plums. Let’s look at the long ‘ee’ sound in words. You can practise writing it, on its own or in words and blending some short words: Remember, try your best to join the ee.
  • On Friday he ate through 5 oranges! Oranges starts with the ‘or’ sound we’ve looked at. Can you think of some words with that sound in? What about..?           that’s right! Corn! Or how about..?  Yes! that’s it, a fork! The same as before, try writing the ‘or’ digraph on its own or in words. Try to join the letters of ‘or’. Well done!                                                                               

Maths activities:

There were lots of things to count in that story. Can you count how many strawberries the caterpillar ate?  Can you find the right number?



  • What about on the Saturday? Reception can you count all the things he ate?
  • Can you practise counting objects like the caterpillar? On Monday I had 1.., On Tuesday I had 2..? Maybe you can find thing around the house to help you tell your own food story? Or you could use toys and maybe the character is a monster eating your toys instead! You can practise writing the numbers the same as mentioned before in the language activities. Have fun! And if it dries up at all, do the activities outside!

Other activities:

Remember, it’s really important to exercise our hands and bodies doing other things too:

  • I’ve been continuing with my yoga, keeping busy! I found another story I thought you might like to try in your homes: Cosmic Kids The Hungry Caterpillar! Namaste! Have fun!
  • Or, if you fancy something a bit more energetic, then there’s Oti from Strictly with a dance routine especially for children!
  • I’m sure lots of you have done the Joe Wicks videos already. Great for fitness!
  • I also found some other links to online classes that you might like to try. One for music with Myleene Klass; there are lots of videos on youtube explaining musical concepts like rhythm:
  • Another I found is Carol Vorderman’s maths website, which you can register for free and she takes you through various Mathematical ideas, games and activities suited to your child’s age:

Getting creative:

  • How about some caterpillar painting? Using paint and a plastic cup to make the circles, you could try making your own caterpillar. You choose how long or short it is.
  • How many circles did you use? What colours?
  • You could use a sponge or your hands if you like to print some caterpillars:  Or if you don’t have paints, how about recycling lids off milk/pop bottles? If you are really clever you could try making patterns too. Remember we did repeating patterns where we made sequences like blue, red, blue or even with 3 colours (as above).
  • You could make beautiful butterflies from paper or anything lying around the house and decorate with sparkles or patterns.
  • The story also shows us the magic of change or metamorphosis from egg to caterpillar to butterfly. A nice craft activity I’ve seen is to make the life cycle from things around the house; could be seeds or even a grain of rice for the egg, a leaf from the garden, pasta shapes or anything for the caterpillar and then the same for butterfly. I’m always SO impressed with things you, the parents and the children suggest or find to use so remember to take a picture if you do have a go at any of these activities.



  •  Another story that celebrates growth and change from the same author, Eric Carle is The Very Clumsy Click Beetle;
  • In it, the young beetle is trying his best to “click and flip” but he can’t. He practises and practises and eventually gets the hang of it, just in the nick of time as it turns out! A nice activity might be to look at photos of your child as a baby, until now. If physical prints are available, they can make their own timeline…ordering themselves from baby to now and they can think about things they can do now that they couldn’t as a baby. Also, they can think of the things that they did as a baby that they no longer do or things they can do now independently that they used to need lots of help with.
  • If you get the chance to venture outside over the coming week, children can see what sounds of nature they can hear on a listening walk outside or in the garden, maybe they’ll hear the crickets singing! They can maybe draw or try listing any ‘sounds of nature’ (an activity that they need to be really quiet for!).

I hope these help to keep your little ones busy. Sending lots of love and best wishes to everyone. Stay safe, and I hope to see you all soon.

Miss Griffiths. X




            Weeks beginning 22/04/20

Hi Class 2! Miss Griffiths here! I hope you all had a lovely Easter and that the Easter bunny was kind to you! I hope you and your families are all safe and well and getting outside lots to enjoy this lovely weather we are having at the moment. It is very strange not being back in school this week, I am definitely missing your lovely smiles and hearing your funny stories about what you have all been up to! Instead, I will be putting activities and ideas on this page that you can complete at home. You don’t have to do them all.

Below are some ideas for this week to keep you busy! Remember you can ask a grown-up or a brother or sister for help if you like. If you have your Hwb passwords, tasks can be completed on Jit5; you can make a picture on the paint tab, write on the write tab or do both on the mix tab.  You could also complete tasks on paper or in your practise books (Reception).

Here are some activities I would like you to try and complete over the course of the next week:

Maths activities:     

  • Here is a link to a website; if you have access to a printer, available to print off or if not, make your own mini-beast hunt outside. So, decide which mini beasts you will look for, make a picture and then happy hunting! Count how many you can find! Remember, they are very good at hiding, so check under rocks and plants too.
  • Counting objects: Get a grown up to ask you to count a certain number of objects e.g “Can you show me 3..?” and, using small objects or toys count out 3 objects. Nursery concentrate on numbers to 5, Reception, see if you can count 10 or more objects!
  • Reception, using your Numicon cards, see if you can lay out the cards in order from one (smallest) to ten (largest) shape. Then, if you’re feeling really clever, you could match the numbers to the shapes. Choose your favourite number and practise writing it on your whiteboard or in your books.
  • Try using magic water and a paintbrush on the floor or walls. See how many times you can write your number before the sun steals them and they disappear! If you have chalk, ask a grown-up where you can use it outside to practise your numbers.
  • Have a look on this website; some fantastic counting and ordering/matching games on here to play! Enjoy:

Language activities:


I know I am missing sharing stories with you all right now, instead, I have been listening to other people telling me stories online! Here’s one by one of our favourite authors Julia Donaldson:

Nursery; After listening to the story, draw a picture of Zog. See if you can write any of the sounds in his name.

Reception; draw your favourite character (maybe on Jit5) from the story and using some of your tricky words, see if you can write a sentence about them; he/she/the dragon…is… maybe ask a grown up to help you with a describing word.

See which letters you know and try spelling some simple words on this website:

Phonics sounds to practise:

Nursery; please practise singing the Jolly Phonics songs:  

Afterwards try making ‘s’ in sand or glitter or salt or rice on a tray with your finger or a paintbrush or pencil!

Reception; this week can focus on the digraph ‘ng’ as in ing, sing, strong. here is a link to a video but see what things you can think of with this sound in. Practise writing, remember to try your best to join the letters in a digraph blend.

Remember it’s as important to do things to keep us active and healthy so some other ideas of things you can be doing:

  • I have been doing lots of yoga at home which helps to keep me healthy and relaxed. If you have a tablet or laptop, you can try doing it outside on the grass. For a story about a dragon like Zog, he’s called Cracker:
  • You know I also LOVE dancing and some of my favourite Strictly stars have been doing fab-u-lous workouts for children; have a go at one of these!
  • While outside, maybe you are going for walks with grown-ups try collecting leaves and twigs, stones to make a dragon picture when back home. Remember to think of a name for your pet dragon!
  • Maybe, ask a grown up to help you to find things around the house that you can use to build a den in your garden (if you have outside space..if not, maybe in your room) for a dragon just like Zog or Cracker!
  • Have a competition with a family member who can do the biggest Dragon’s roar like Zog?
  • If you’ve not already done one, how about making a rainbow picture to put up in a window in your house?

They are a few ideas to keep you busy little bees buzzing around for a while! I hope you enjoy some of these activities. Take care. Sending lots of love and best wishes.  I look forward to seeing you all soon.

Miss Griffiths.