New Curriculum in Wales

In 2022 we are going to change the way children
and young people learn in schools. Schools will now be in charge of writing their own
curriculum. A school curriculum is a plan for what children
and young people will learn at school. It says:
– What they should learn
– How they should learn
– The reasons why they should learn.

Schools will write their own curriculum because they know the children and young people they teach. So they know how to meet their needs. We are writing a new guide about what schools should include in their curriculum. We are writing this guide to make sure:
• Every child and young person is learning in a way
that is right for them.

Children and young people understand new ideas
and changes to things like technology.
Technology is using science and knowledge to
help us do tasks, for example using computers
and machines to do more and more.
▪ Children and young people are able to do well
and are prepared for the future.

Please follow the links below to find more information about the new curriculum in Wales.