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Month: May 2020

Dosbarth 1

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Class 1

Parental questionnaire

Please can you complete the above questionnaire and send it to: by 27th May.  Thank you

1st June 2020

Hello again Class 1! It’s been lovely to hear how you have been enjoying the activities set over the past two weeks and to see some photographs of what you’ve been up to so keep up the good work!

Below are this weeks tasks that we would like you to complete. Remember, don’t worry if you are not able to do them all and if you have any questions just let us know. We hope you are all still keeping safe. We miss you all very much and hope to see you soon!

Here are our email addresses:


Maths activities:

-Make a boat, measure its length and see if it floats. How many things can you fill it with before it sinks.

-Have a go at this game to add two objects together to make 10 –

-Keep practising counting aloud in 1’s, 2’s, 5’s or 10’s forwards and backwards. If you have a space outside, write numbers in chunky chalks. Try writing numbers up to 10 this week!


Language activities:

-Talk about, draw and write about things that make you happy 🙂 We would love to see this!

-Keep practising Jolly Phonic songs:
You can try making the letters in sand, glitter, salt or rice with your finger or pencil afterwards. Some of you could even try spelling out some words and writing your names!

-Make different forms of transport out of playdough/junk modelling or whatever you have to use at home.

-Reading books – There are some great e-books on the Twinkl website to read or just to share together for fun.



-Make a rainbow to put up in your window or write a thankyou card for the NHS and key workers.

-Name and sort a range of fruits and vegetables into two groups. You could even take a photo to show us!

-Cosmic kids yoga – Diggory Dumptruck –


Here are a list of websites for further learning: – Lovely ideas on here for sensory play! – Some super free resources on here for ASD pupils.


Activities to support Speech and Language and ASD

– Have a look at ‘NPT Education Inclusion Service’ page on Facebook where there are lots of useful resources and handouts that have been posted.

Other useful links:


Remember to all stay safe and have lots of fun being at home!

Take care, lots of love to you all!

Miss Allen and Miss Ventress